Tally Ho Online Slot Machine

If may be a little weird to wrap your mind around the fact that animals are living as humans, but if you want to play the Tally Ho online slot machine, you may just have to get used to the idea a little faster that you normally would. The Tally Ho online slot machine takes the roles of hunters and foxes and reverses them to welcome slot machine lovers to an interesting and interactive version of the online casino classic, drawing players to this particular slot machine for a long time.

Tally Ho Online Slot Machine Theme

As mentioned earlier, the Tally Ho slot machine carries the theme of hunters and foxes. The only peculiarity is that the roles and lifestyles of the foxes and the hunters are completely reversed. On the Tally Ho online slot machine, the foxes are able to wear fine clothing and live in large mansions with beautiful and expensive cars parked in their driveway. There is food everywhere and the foxes extend an invitation to all slot machine players to join them and experience life in high society over a slice of cake or perhaps a bowl of strawberries.

Overview of Tally Ho Virtual Slot Machine

The Tally Ho online slot machine is a five reel slot machine with a total of nine pay lines that can be activated. In total, the Tally Ho slot machine accepts a total and maximum of ninety coins. The coins bet on the slot machine can change in denominations depending on how big or how small the players want to go with their bets. The riskier they want the spin on the slot machine to be, the higher the bet they place. There are several symbols used for the Tally Ho online slot machine all of which help to accentuate the theme that the slot machine has.
Some examples of the symbols in the Tally Ho slot machine are the Car symbol, the Scone symbol, the Mrs. Fox symbol, Mr. Fox symbol, the Crest symbol, Cheesecake symbol, Cheese and Crackers symbol, Sandwiches symbol and the Strawberries and Cream symbol. There are two extra symbols on the slot machine that players need to pay particular attention to. First is the Wild Horse symbol which acts as the Wild symbol for this slot machine and can take the place of any symbol to form a winning combination except for one. The only symbol that the Wild cannot replace is the Scatter symbol which is the Horn symbol for the Tallly Ho slot machine.

Playing Tally Ho Online Slot Machine for Free vs. Real Play

There are two ways two play the Tally Ho slot machine. One way is to play it for free. Playing the Tally Ho slot machine for free means playing the slot machine on demo credits. When playing for free, players are started off with 750 demo credits. To play the Tally Ho slot machine for real, players must first register with the website and make a deposit into their accounts through the accepted means of the service provider. The money deposited into their accounts is what players will use to bet on the Tally Ho online slot machine.

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