The Gee Gee

The Gee Gee Slot Machine

The moment you see the screen of The Gee Gee slot machine, you’ll have the Bee Gees music playing in your mind. The Gee Gee slot machine screams disco from the very beginning with its psychedelic font the main logo on the slot machine screen which has three horses dressed in white wide collared and bell bottomed outfits perfect for the disco dance floor. In fact, the Gee Gee online slot machine is a tribute to the well known band the Bee Gees. Step into the disco with this slot machine and clock hours on end online.

The Gee Gee Online Slot Machine Symbols

There are several symbols used on The Gee Gee online slot machine. Some of the symbols used on this slot machine are the iconic BAR symbols, the 7s symbols, Cherry symbols, Horseshoe symbols, and Melon symbols. One particularly important symbol on The Gee Gee online slot machine is the disco ball symbol. This is particularly because this symbol earns the top winnings for this slot machine. There is no scatter symbol for this slot machine but because it is a fruit slot machine, there are many different extra features to be enjoyed.

Specifications and Betting of the Gee Gee Virtual Slot Machine

The Gee Gee online slot machine is a no download required virtual slot machine with three reels and only one pay line. Although some people may prefer playing on slot machines with multiple pay lines, there is something very charming about playing on a slot machine is a single pay line because of how reminiscent it is of the classic slot machines that first graced the casinos. Betting on The Gee Gee slot machine is very easy to understand. First thing to remember for this slot machine is that the denomination of the coins can change. The bets can range from 0.25 to 10.00 depending on much risk the players are willing to take. What makes the bets particularly important for this slot machine is that the wins of the slot machine are dictated by the amount that is bet for each spin. As such, betting the maximum bet will win players the highest jackpot which multiplies the winnings almost 2000 times.

Playing the Gee Gee Online Slot Machine

The Gee Gee online slot machine can be played for real and for free depending on how the player is feeling about gambling. For this slot machine, players who decide to play for free will be started off with 750 demo credits. These demo credits would be treated like real money. Playing with real money however is possible through Pounds, Euros or Dollars. On the actual slot machine screen itself, the Plus and Minus buttons are responsible for changing the coin values while the Bet One button is responsible for changing the amount of the coins being bet per spin on the slot machine. The Bet Max button is easy enough to understand at it automatically sets the maximum bet possible. At the same time, the Bet Max button also automatically spins the reels of the slot machine.

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