Thrill Spin

The Thrill Spin Slot Machine

Making a visit to the amusement park is always a thrilling experience, especially when you’re taking a ride on the wildest roller coaster that the amusement park has to offer. Equally thrilling is the possibility of winning it big on slot machines and betting wisely. Perhaps this is the reason why the makers of the Thrill Spin slot machine decide to play with the amusement park theme. Not only does the theme promise a lot of enjoyment and amusement, it also draws, as the slot machine’s name states, thrilling spins.

Thrill Spin Online Slot Machine Overview

The Thrill Spin online slot machine is a five reel slot machine with fifteen different pay lines to be activated. What this means is that there are five spinning reels on this slot machine from which the winning combinations can be formed. There are also fifteen different angles or lines on which the winning combinations can land for the slot machine. On the Thrill Spin slot machine, every coin that is bet on the slot machine will enable another pay line. As soon as the reels stop spinning on the slot machine, the program will check to see if there are any winning combinations sitting along active pay lines on the slot machine.

Placing Bets on the Thrill Spin Virtual Slot Machine

Betting on the Thrill Spin online slot machine is very easy to understand and betting wisely can pay high dividends for the lucky players. Regardless of being able to play the slot machine for real money or for free, the betting mechanics stay the same. The coins can change in denomination ranging from 0.02 to 0.50 per play line. The number of coins that can be bet per line is a minimum of one coin and a maximum of five coins on the Thrill Pin online slot machine which comes out to seventy-five coins overall per spin. The maximum possible pay out for this slot machine, if playing on a regular spin, is 10,000 coins per bet line.

Important Symbols for the Thrill Spin Online Slot Machine

Although there are several symbols on the Thrill Spin online slot machine, the two most important symbols are the Wild Symbol and the Scatter Symbol. The Wild Symbol on this slot machine is the Thrill Seeker symbol. Not only can it take the place of any other symbol but it is also a multiplier symbol which multiplies the pay out if it is in a winning combination. However, the Thrill Seeker symbol does not substitute for the Scatter Symbol on this slot machine which is the Balloon Vendor symbol. The interesting thing about the Balloon Vendor symbol is that it does not particularly need to appear in a line in order to win. What this means is that the symbol does not need to appear on a line of the slot machine in order to enable a win. As long as two or more of the Balloon Vendor symbol appears on the slot machine screen, it will activate the Free Spin Bonus Round feature of the Thrill Spin online slot machine.

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