Tiki Wonders

Tiki Wonders Slot Machine

Diving into the Polynesian world is the Tiki Wonders online slot machine. This slot machine takes its players into the world of surfing and swimming on beautiful tropical islands with a wild variety of interesting and exotic animals as well as thirst quenching drinks and cocktails. The cool background of the volcano really sets the mood of the Tiki Wonders slot machine.

Tiki Wonders Online Slot Machine Basic Information

The Tiki Wonders online slot machine is a five reel slot machine with thirty pay lines which can be enabled. What this means is that the players can play with either only one line or the maximum of thirty lines. Each of the pay lines are enabled with the betting of an extra coin. For each pay line on the slot machine, there can be a maximum bet of four coins and a minimum bet of one coin. For the Tiki Wonders online slot machine, each coin can change in denominations ranging from 0.01 up to 0.50.

Progressive Jackpot Features on Tiki Wonder Virtual Slot Machine

One of the interesting features of the Tiki Wonder online slot machine is that it has a progressive jackpot feature. What this means is that the Tiki Wonder slot machine has a constantly accumulating prize with the current value of the progressive jackpot being displayed on the slot machine screen at the top left and right corners. With each spin on the slot machine, a portion of the bet is added to the progressive jackpot. There are a total of two progressive jackpots which can be won on the slot machine with a larger amount of bets increasing the player’s chances of winning the progressive jackpot on the Tiki Wonders slot machine. Five of the jackpot symbols on this slot machine will earn the player the Mega Wonder jackpot while four of the jackpot symbols will win the Wonder jackpot.

Important Symbols of the Tiki Wonder Online Slot Machine

The important symbols to pay attention to on the Tiki Wonder online slot machine are the Wild Symbol and the Scatter Symbol. For this slot machine, the Surfer Symbol serves as the Wild Symbol. As the Wild Symbol, the Surfer Symbol can substitute for any other of the symbols on the slot machine to form a winning combination. However, there are two symbols which the Wild Symbol does not affect or replace. These are the Jackpot symbols which affect the progressive jackpot on the slot machine and the Hula Dancer which is the Scatter Symbol for the Tiki Wonders online slot machine. The Tiki Wonders slot machine Scatter Symbol does not need to appear on an enabled pay line in order to be played. Basically the Scatter Symbol can appear anywhere on the slot machine reels to be played as long as there are two or more of the Scatter Symbol. Having two or more of the Scatter Symbol enables the Free Spins feature of the slot machine and winnings for this feature are multiplied by the amount of Hula Dancers on the screen.

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