Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Online Slot Machine

Almost everyone in the world knows who Lara Croft is. Not only is she an iconic figure in the computer game industry but she is also the star of the highly successful movie series. With Lara Croft the Tomb Raider being known for her adventurous nature and her many thrilling encounters in search for treasures, it would seem only fitting that there be a slot machine fashioned after her tales as well. With beautiful graphics and interacting background sounds, the Tomb Raider online slot machine has and will continue to keep many slot machine lovers entertained.

Specifications of Tomb Raider Virtual Slot Machine

The Tomb Raider slot machine is a five reel slot machine with fifteen pay lines available for activation. What this is means is that there are a total of five spinning wheels which contain symbols on them and are responsible for forming winning combinations. In order to activate the different pay lines on this slot machine, an extra coin must be bet. For example, if a player bets the minimum bet of one coin, only pay line is activated, if the player bets this same coin but puts in five coins, five pay lines on the slot machine will be activated. The maximum bet for each play line is five coins. On the Tomb Raider slot machine, the coins can take on different denominations with the lowest being 0.05 and the highest being 0.50. The highest pay out for the Tomb Raider slot machine is 7,500 coins per active pay line.

Important Symbols on Tomb Raider Online Slot Machine

Other than the regular symbols used on the Tomb Raider slot machine, there are three symbols in particular which serve very important purposes for this slot machine. The first symbol is the Tomb Raider Logo which acts as the Wild Symbol for this slot machine. This means that the Tomb Raider Logo can substitute for any regular symbol in order to form winning combinations. The other special symbol in this slot machine is the Scatter Symbol which is represented by the Lara Croft symbol. The Lara Croft symbol does not have to appear on an activated pay line in order to take its effect. What the Scatter Symbol does, if there are two or more anywhere on the slot machine reels, is activate the Free Spin Bonus Rounds for the slot machine. Lastly is the Idol Symbol. Having three or more of the Idol Symbol consecutively on an active pay line enables a bonus feature.

Tomb Raider Virtual Slot Machine Bonus Features

The bonus feature on the Tomb Raider online slot machine is activated by the Idol Symbol. Players need three or more of this Idol Symbol in a row on an active pay line for the bonus feature to kick in. The bonus feature of this slot machine gives the players an opportunity to win bonus prizes through picking amongst several idols on display on the slot machine screen. The value behind the idol picked by the player will be the amount of which the player’s winnings are multiplied.

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