Triple Magic

Triple Magic Online Slot Machine

Brought to slot machine lovers around the world by Microgaming is the Triple Magic online slot machine. Not only does can this slot machine be played without having to be downloaded, but it can also be played both for free on demo credits but also for real money in British Pounds, American Dollars and Euros. The Triple Magic virtual slot machine brings the best of the Las Vegas style slot machines to the internet and is sure to draw in a large base of players.

Mechanics of Triple Magic Virtual Slot Machine

The Triple Magic online slot machine is a three reel slot machine with only one pay line. Although there is only one pay line for this slot machine, it does not mean that it is any less exciting. In fact, the most exciting of slot machines tend to be those who pay tribute to the classic Vegas slot machines. The betting for the Triple Magic online slot machine is simple and has high dividends when the players are betting correctly. For the Triple Magic slot machine, the highest possible bet per line is two coins which amount to 5.00. The lowest bet for this slot machine is one coin which equates to 0.25. When placing the maximum possible bet on this slot machine, players give themselves the chance to earn the maximum and highest earning pay out of 1,600 coins.

Symbols of the Triple Magic Online Slot Machine

For any slot machine, there are regular symbols and special symbols which serve an extra feature other than just forming winning combinations. For the Triple Magic online slot machine, the regular symbols are the Seven symbol, the Three Bar symbol, the Two Bar symbol, the Single Bar symbol and the Cherry symbol. These four symbols are rather iconic symbols and are normally found on classic slot machines. There is only one special symbol for the Triple Magic online slot machine. This symbol is the Blue Star symbol and what makes it so special is that it acts as a wild and multiplier symbol for this slot machine. What this means is that the Blue Star symbol can substitute for any of the regular symbols to form a winning combination. For example, if the player has two Cherry symbols and one Blue Star symbol, the player will still win some earnings. The Blue Star symbol, as a multiplier symbol, also multiplies the pay out of a particular winning combination by nine times.

Autoplay Feature of the Triple Magic Virtual Slot Machine

The Triple Magic slot machine has an autoplay feature which can be activated at the choosing of the player. The autoplay feature allows players to dictate a number of spins which the slot machine will play automatically. To enable this feature, players must click the Expert button which sits on the bottom left hand corner of the slot machine screen. From then on, the players will select the coins that they wish to play with on for the set amount of spins on the slot machine. The will also select the number of pay lines and then the number of free spins.

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