Watch the Birdie

Learn and Win Cash Prizes in the Watch the Birdie Slot Machine Game

Learning while hoarding prizes is a rare occurrence; but the Watch the Birdie slot machine managed to squeeze both of these in a colorful online slot machine game. Watch the Birdie slot machine is a 5-reel and 15-payline of colorful graphics featuring the world’s best birds including the Blue Parrot, the Cockatoo, the Canary, the Red-crowned Crane, the Red-worm Crane, the Mountain Bluebird, the Toucan, the Songbird, and the Crow. In addition, the Watch the Birdie Slot Machine also features the Bird House, the Bird Watcher and of course, the mysterious Bird Egg.

So if you are ready to win as much as $12,500, look out for the symbols Bird Houses, Red-crowned Crane, and Mountain Bluebird. This is because if you hit five Bird House symbols in a single spin, you will get the top jackpot prize of $12,500. If you miss one symbol, you will still get the second top jackpot of $5,000. And lastly, five Mountain Bluebird symbols will get you the third jackpot prize of $3,000. These are huge prizes, to think that you will only need a minimum of $0.15 per spin or a maximum bet of $75.

The Bonus Game: Huge Prize at Stake

If you missed the prizes in the Watch the Birdie Slot Machine Game’s regular rounds, you still have chances of winning in the game’s bonus round: the Find the Birdie Bonus Game. And you can only get to play this bonus game if you hit three or more Bird Watcher symbols, which are also the scatter symbols. In this slot machine round, you will start with 10 eggs and from which, you have to select five to crack. To win, one of these five eggs should contain the bird that matches the bird shown on your screen. This will get you random prizes.

What’s more, if you find in the slot machine bonus round the Happiness Egg, you will be given another chance to choose and crack five eggs to win another round of bonus prizes.

The Watch the Birdie Slot Machine Game’s Wild Symbol

But happens if you’ve run out of coins and you still haven’t entered this slot machine bonus round? Although the chances of not hitting the slot machine bonus round is slim, the wild symbol is still there as your other option. Represented as the Bird Egg in the Watch the Birdie online slot machine, the purpose of the wild symbol is just like in other slot machines. You can use it to take the place of any other symbols in order to form a winning combination. Other than that, the Bird Eggs, once hit, expands to fill an entire reel, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

The Watch the Birdie Slot Machine Game’s Bets

You can play the game for free but if you want to earn real cash, you need to place a bet. You can play the Watch the Bird online slot machine with the minimum bet of $0.01 and then increase the coin sizes to $0.05, $0.1, $0.25 and $1.0. Of course, the higher the value of the bet you place, the bigger your prize will be too.

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