What On Earth

What On Earth Online Slot Machine

What on earth is a multi coins and multi lines slot machine that brings forth innumerable features to leave you awestruck like beam’em up bonus, destination bonus, contest bonus, scatter and wild symbols.

Knowing What On Earth Slot Machine

What on earth is a 5 reels and 9 pay lines slot machine that you can start playing with betting a minimum of one coin per pay line and a maximum of 10 coins per pay line. The highest amount of jackpot that can be won is of 7500 coins with 1000 coins being the second highest amount. The coin denominations start from 0.01 and go up to a maximum of 1.00.
For each coin you bet, you enable another pay line and the winning combination completed is considered only on the enabled pay line. Unlike other slot machines, the amount paid in what on earth slot machine is from left to right including even the scatter symbol winning combination pay out.

Understanding the Wild Symbol In What On Earth Slot Machine

The wild symbol in what on earth slot machine is the what on earth logo symbol. You can substitute the wild symbol for any other symbol in the slot machine to complete a winning combination. The wild symbol can be replaced on any enabled pay line.
However, you can neither substitute the wild symbol for any of the scatter symbols to make a winning combination nor can activate the beam’em up bonus level. It can only be substituted for the console and the port hole symbols. In what on earth slot machine you get paid for the highest amount of winning combination in case you complete more than 1 winning combinations.

The Scatter Symbols in the Slot Machine

Unlike other slot machines the what on earth slot machine gives you the benefit of not 1 but 3 scatter symbols to earn loads of money. The 3 scatter symbols include the saucer, shuttle and the rocket symbols.
These symbols are scattered all over the reels in the slot machine and need not appear on an enabled pay line to make a winning combination. However, in what on earth slot machine you need to keep in mind that you get 3 or more same scatter symbols to complete a winning combination. 1 scatter symbol of each type will not make any combination.
The winning amount in the slot machine in case of scatter symbols is calculated by multiplying the number of scatter symbols appearing with the total number of coins on bet.
The shuttle and saucer scatter symbols appear only on reels 3, 4 and 5, while the rocket symbol appears on all the 5 reels. To activate the beam’em up level you need to get 3 or more shuttle, rocket or saucer symbols displaying on the reels. So even if you make both the regular and the scatter win in the slot machine, you are paid for both the winning combinations.
So without thinking anything else, it is time for you to get rich along with getting entertained to the fullest.

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