Zanny Zebras

Zanny Zebras Online Slot Machine

The zanny zebras slot machine is based on funky zebras and wild life theme. The zanny zebra slot machine is designed with bright colours, stunning graphics and thrilling wildlife sounds to keep you glued. The symbols of zebras are in different shades with its signature strips.
You can enjoy playing the zanny zebra slot machine free of cost online. The slot machine brings forth multiple pay lines for you to make numerous winning combinations, so that you can bag as much amount as possible.

The Zanny Zebra Slot Machine at a Glance

The zanny zebras slot machine offers you a jackpot of 6000 coins. The various symbols in the slot machine are 1 bar, 2bars, 3bars, bells and 7s. The zanny zebra is a 3 reels, 5 pay lines and 5 coin slot machine. You can activate another pay line for each coin you bet. The coin denominations range from 0.25 to 10.00. The maximum amount you can bet per pay line is of 5.00 and the minimum amount is of 0.25. Betting the highest amount is the key to bag the jackpot amount.

The Wild Symbol in the Slot Machine

The ultra sleek zebra makes the wild symbol in the zanny zebra slot machine. You can replace this wild symbol with any other symbols in the slot machine to make winning combinations. The key to getting rich is the zanny zebra symbol. When you make winning combination along the various pay lines in the slot machine you earn different amounts of jackpots. For 1st pay line you win 1000 coins, for 2nd it is 2000, for 3rd you win 3000 and for the 4th pay line you bag 4000 coins.
You are paid the winning combinations only on the lines that are enabled. If you get 1 zebra with 1 bar symbol and 2 bar symbol on an enabled pay line, then you can complete a 3 bar symbol combination. This combination in the slot machine will give you a pay out of 5 coins. 2 zebras with 3bar symbol on an enabled pay line also complete a combination of 3 bar symbols but give you a pay out of 100 coins.

Playing the Zanny Zebra Slot Machine

There are various buttons on the slot machine by clicking on which you can start the fun. The first step is to choose a coin denomination to play with. Once this is done you need to click on the bet one button, this will bet the amount of coin selected just once in the slot machine. The number of times the bet one button is clicked corresponds to the number of total coins bet.
The next step is to click on the spin button. If you would like to bet the highest amount then you can directly click on the bet max button. Clicking on this button will automatically bet the maximum amount and spin the reels. After the reels stop, the payout amount is calculated as per the pay table that can be seen at the top of the slot machine.

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